AP  Hospitality's Consultants have extraordinary skills in day-to-day operations, brand standards, guest service elements and financial reporting. Our consulting services are available on an hourly or monthly retainer or as a one-time project. Whether you are an individual property, a hotel group or large organization, AP is committed to supporting your efforts to maintain the highest standards of quality, consistency and customer experience for "your path to profits".

Here is a list of our services, contact us today to see what we can tailor for you:

Acquisition/Disposition Consulting
Customer Service Training

E-Commerce Reviews/Consulting
Feasibility Studies
Franchise/Franchisor Negotiations
General Manager Training/Coaching
Hospitality Audits
    - Insurance/Liability
    - Operational

Human Resources Coaching/Consulting
Impact Analysis
Marketing Assessment & Planning

Portfolio Strategy/Organizational Structure Development
Pre/Post Opening Planning/Consulting
Renovations/Capital Improvement

Revenue Management/Consulting
Turnaround of Under-Performing Hotels


AT FEES YOU CAN AFFORD – We can often save you more than the cost of our services alone.





Expert Witness/Litigation Support

AP Consultants provide support in hotel litigations by joining the litigation team as a resource, providing the ability to quickly produce information on a variety of hotel operational and real estate issues. AP can litigate both for and against individual litigants, hotel properties, franchisors, owners and operators. AP have seasoned professionals with strength and experience in property operations and management with leading brands; with general manager certifications and industry recognized associations, such as CHA and CHO. We can produce discovery, deposition questioning, mediation negotiations and provide expert testimony in litigations not only in California, Arizona, and Texas but outside the Southwestern States as well.

Business Interruption
Contract Disputes
Employee Conduct
Employment Discrimination
Franchisor/Franchisee Disputes
Insurance Audits/Claims

Loss of Profits
Management & Leadership
Operations & Procedures
Premises Liability
Safety & Security
Slip and Fall Liability
Standard of Care


California * Arizona * Kansas * Texas * Georgia

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